Weekly Lessons

Week 9: Finishing Strong

It's here! Our last day of study together. More than anything,…

Week 8: Equipped for Your Calling

Do you ever feel like you just don't have the ability to do what…

Week 7: Empowered by Grace

We have reached the final week of the workbook. Well done! God…

Week 6: Loving God With All Your Heart

Welcome back! I pray you are beginning to discover that Jesus…

Week 5: The God Who Fills

Hello, dear one! We have reached a pivotal point in our study…

Week 4: Release Your Expectations

I'm praying that last week's break offered you some time to get…

Week 3: Living By Faith

Do you sense that God has somewhere to take you through this…

Week 2: Follow the Light

Welcome back! I hope you have been able to work through your…

Week 1: Will You be Chosen to Receive Your Blessing?

Thank you so much for joining me on this online journey through…

Our online Bible study of Tested by Fire began January 24, 2014!

You can still join this FREE class. You just need to purchase a book to complete the lessons.

Register here to participate and each Friday from Jan 24 – March 12 you will receive an email containing a link to a new video teaching and your assignment for the week from the Tested by Fire workbook. Study at your own pace, or keep pace with the group and connect with other participants by commenting through the website. Ask Kelley questions and hear directly from the author!

Kelley shares about her Bible study, Tested by Fire