Juliet SharrowJuliet Sharrow serves as Administrative Coordinator for Kelley Latta Ministries and Director of Love LIVES, our outreach that aims to walk alongside abuse victims on their journey to independence and freedom.

Juliet’s passion to help broken women flows from the pain of her own past. She herself is a survivor of Domestic Violence, homelessness and suicide—and a victor in Christ!

Her story of abuse began in her childhood, leading her on a journey through rejection and depression until finally, she tried to end her life. Then as a victim of intimate partner violence, she suffered physical, emotional, verbal, sexual and financial abuse. After finding the courage to leave her abuser she found herself homeless, living out of her car with her small child.

But her story doesn’t end there. God pursued and transformed her abused and broken heart with His unexplainable, unfathomable love! Her story of survival came from more than sheer will power or stubbornness. Hers is a love story, one that demonstrates how the infinite love of God will pursue and transform even the most broken of hearts.

His love enabled her to not only overcome adversity, but to thrive. She is a living example of how God’s love and grace can heal a heart filled with rejection and despair. Her difficulties have not left her broken, but rather filled with passionate purpose. Joy often illuminates her face and shines through her eyes, bearing witness to the all-powerful, transforming life that is found in Jesus.  Her energy and enthusiasm abound as she seeks to fulfill God’s plan for her life.

Juliet lives in Hanover, PA with her husband Bryan—who also shares her passion for helping victims gain independence and freedom—and 2 of their 3 sons. Through her position at Love LIVES, she mentors victims on their survival journey while helping to meet their ongoing needs, giving them hope and sharing the love and grace God has so lavishly blessed her with.  Her greatest desire is to share God’s love, and the story He has given her, to help others find their voice and claim their victory!

Juliet also speaks as part of Resilient Voices, a speakers’ bureau through the PA Office of the Victim Advocate, hoping to impact legislature to better help victims of abuse.

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