Book Testimonials

“Right now I’m enjoying my journey through your devotional, Conversations with God: 40 Days of Intimate Reflection and I must say this… Kelley… you bring it girlfriend… every time!! I am so thankful that when I enter into the presence of the Lord by the way of your studies that the Lord is going to speak truth into my soul. His words through you cut straight to the heart of my issues! Thank you for your faithfulness to His call on your life.”

Tested by Fire

“Kelley’s study, Tested By Fire, has challenged me to look at my relationship with God and see whether I really love him the way He calls me to, whole-heartedly. Through this study I have rededicated my life to living for Him and seeking Him daily! I have drawn closer to God through this study and learned how to hear His voice. I know that following the Father’s will for my life brings about a peace that can be found no where else.”

“Kelley’s Bible study was truly a transforming experience.  God’s Word really comes alive in the pages of her book.  It was the best study I have ever been a part of.”

“This study has been a confirmation, awareness, and revelation in my life about who Jesus is and what He wants from me. This helped answer some questions I have had lingering, afraid to ask.”

“I feel like God is trying to reveal Himself to me through it . . . saying, ‘Look here. This is who I am.’ I am very moved by it.”

Speaking Events

“While attending a large conference event in Colorado I met Kelley.  Due to the size of the event the meals were served in a large hall filled with round tables for eight.  I sat at the last available table and soon entered into a conversation with Kelley and others. I was captured by Kelley’s contagious enthusiasm for the Word.  As we visited, her testimony of God’s impact on her heart and life flowed effortlessly. After returning to Texas, I continued to be drawn to Kelley and her ministry. We soon invited her to minister to our ladies (April 2015). Her time with us was joyous and her messages/sessions flowed well.  I saw that Kelley flows with the ministry of Gods Word whether she’s sharing with a small group over lunch or an auditorium of Conference attendees.”

“In January 2013, Sisters of the Son Ministries had Kelley speak at our “After Christmas” Tea.  Kelley was just wonderful in giving her heartfelt message, and we all walked away all the better in listening to her.  I believe Jesus showed up at this tea because of the beautiful way she presented the Word.  She is truly an inspiration to all who hear her.  I would not hesitate to have her back again to speak to the ladies of this community.  (Hanover and surrounding areas)  She was truly a blessing!  Thanks Kelley for all you to do to spread the gospel of Jesus.”

“Kelley Latta has been one of our main presenters at Bethany Church in Greenland, NH at our largest bi-monthly Women’s Ministry event that we offer. Kelley is an outstanding speaker and is able to hold and engage her audience in her topics, most recently about how to know and let God lead us. The women who attended Kelley’s presentation in 2010 at Women’s Journey asked for her to please come back and present again. We were blessed to have her present at our 2011 Women’s Journey ministry launch this September. When Kelley speaks at our event, she always has a compelling message and personalizes her topics so they are a blended presentation of teaching and personal testimony. We are so blessed to have Kelley as one of our primary presenters at Bethany Church and look forward to her return visit again!”

“Thank You, Thank You for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and share with the women at Bethany Church. You are a bright and shining example of God’s faithfulness, when we lean on Him in all we do. I love the content of your talk and way you refer to the actual scripture verses. You say you’re nobody special but Kelley…you are a special person. God is using you to excitedly spread His message of love and for that I am so grateful. As I reflect on your presentation last night, I’m reminded of Hebrews 10:23 “Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for He is faithful that promised)” Kelley, God Bless you as you share all over the world. I look forward to seeing you on more stages and especially excited to be reading your book!”

“Kelley, I just wanted you to know that I was blessed last night by the way the Lord spoke through you. It’s evident that you love the Lord and are willing to accept whatever He decides for your life. He used your lessons to teach me some things that I have been forgetting (or ignoring). I felt how genuine your heart is and loved that your blending of scripture and personal life lessons continually directs you back to Him. You left me wanting to draw closer to Him myself and know Him the way you know Him. May God give you the desires of your heart as your heart connects with Him, and may He breathe new life into His people through your teaching.”

“I’ve studied under Kelley since 2006 and have been challenged and inspired to make it personal and not miss out on the blessings of God. Her own personal spiritual journey and intimate relationship with the Lord, as well as her passion for searching out the Scripture to reveal God’s heart, motivates her students to dig in and find all the hidden gems in the Word that can be practically applied to daily life. That’s what keeps me coming back for more – discovering, feeding on and understanding the meat of Scripture, motivating me to a renewed and deeper, more intimate relationship with the Lord. I can say with total honesty that I get more out of Kelley’s teaching than I did in some of my seminary classes! The Bible comes alive through her interactive teaching style and I have been blessed with new, deeper understandings of key Scriptural principles and theological issues. And most importantly, I’ve gained a renewed appreciation for God’s Word and His character that has prompted me to love Him even more.”

“Its been a little over a year since the Lord has led me to my new church and placed people in my path that would drastically change my life. Kelley has made the largest impact in my spiritual life. I attended Kelley’s class on her book, Tested by Fire, because I wanted the Lord in my life. I proclaimed on the first night “I don’t get it”. As much as I wanted the Lord, I didn’t know if He was listening, if He would communicate back or if I was even worthy of His attention. Kelley taught me that communication starts in the Bible. That you have to stop……be still……and listen. Through the Bible, I am closer to understanding who the Lord is. I talk to the Lord all day long, I now know that He hears me and answers me. I surely live to glorify Him every day. I am emotionally thankful for what He does for me. Kelley has glorified the Lord by not only teaching His Word but by being the person she is.”