Here’s What’s New:

  • Colorful new interior.
  • Updated layout that includes highlights of key points and definitions in the margins.
  • Daily “Today’s Truth” scripture verse.
  • Weekly Reflections page to record how God is speaking to you.
  • Small group discussion guides added to the back of the book.
  • Includes a Prayer of Commitment to help focus you on God’s plans and desires for you.

$11.95 paperback/128 pages

Who do you live for?

Do your beliefs about Christianity align with God’s Word? Are you missing God’s power because of your approach to Him? Tested by Fire is a practical roadmap to experiencing God personally.

This four week, interactive study will help you consider:

  • Do you really know Jesus?
  • Do you have the ability to hear from God?
  • Are you building your life according to your plans or God’s purpose?
  • Are you wearily struggling to make something of your own life, or are you living evidence of God’s power?

The truth is, how you live matters. Our daily choices profoundly impact our experience of both this earthly life and our eternal one. Learn how to position yourself to receive the all-surpassing gift: the presence of Jesus making Himself known in your life.

Discover how to:

  • Find and live out God’s will for you
  • Allow God to sanctify your heart
  • Abandon wearisome striving to produce good works
  • Become a “living stone,” propelled by the power of the Spirit
  • Leave a legacy that invites the blessing of God and survives the judgment at the end of days

As you learn to operate within the bounds of your divine purpose, you will discover the incomparable joy and satisfaction that can only come from doing what you were made to do. And your soul will sing. Follow Him, dear one. You’ll gain everything.

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Introduction to Tested by Fire
Day One: Founded on the Rock

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