Living Your Potential vs God’s Potential for You

Kelley Latta | 48:10

We want to be effective as people of faith—to those around us and the mission field abroad. But, we’ll never realize the potential of who God created us to be unless we allow Jesus to restore our soul.

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Have You Settled For Less Than God Wants To Give?

Kelley Latta | 42:01

In the midst of devastating hopelessness, we serve a God who can restore in a single breath to us and those around us. But, are we brave enough to step into that faith?

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You Can’t Afford NOT To Give

Kelley Latta | 44:55

Your budget is irrelevant with a God that holds everything. Releasing your control for His compassionate heart unleashes blessing to you…and others.

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Why You’re Missing God’s Power In The Tough Moments

Kelley Latta | 42:07

The enemy intends for us to doubt God’s goodness and lose faith when what God wants to do is show you a huge victory. This isn’t your fight. If you’re in a place of vulnerability and uncertainty, don’t respond with doubt and fear, but rather with praise because of what God is about to do.

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The Enemy Is Terrified Of Who You Could Become

Kelley Latta | 44:48

With who we have the potential to become in Christ, the enemy is going to hurl all he can in our path to stop us, discourage us and paralyze us. Kelley shares from Scripture how we are to access the power behind God’s promises to thwart all the enemy throws our way.

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Does Your Faith Feel Truly FREE?

Kelley Latta | 47:07

We were created to be connected with our heavenly Father and to live in true freedom. But the enemy easily entangles us with the things we see and feel, separating us from true freedom by faith in God. Get ready to open up a whole new leg of your journey by opening your heart to a faith-led life.

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