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Soul Care offers inner healing counseling sessions tailored to meet your specific needs. By combining proven biblical and pastoral counseling principles, Soul Care provides faith-based counsel and prayer that helps restore the whole person—spirit, mind, and body.  As we facilitate intimate encounters with Jesus, He sets people free. Free from emotional pain. Free from depression. Free from behaviors that lead to broken relationships. Free from trauma. Free from shame. 

Life change is a process.  God wants to peel back the layers of pain and trauma that have defined and limited you, bringing awareness and ongoing transformation as you commit to the journey. Many of the things that keep us in bondage are hidden deep beneath the surface.  To live free and whole, we must first identify the root cause.  During our Soul Care sessions, we will help you uncover the root of your pain and position you to experience change in the presence of Jesus.

Diving in Deep. Abiding in Tension. Rising in Freedom.

As you trust us to help you navigate this journey into restoration, we commit to:

  1. Maintain a safe/confidential environment
  2. Facilitate encounters with Jesus that enable you to experience His healing power
  3. Extend compassion and grace, honoring your story without judgment
  4. Champion you to walk in your full identity and purpose in Christ

We ask you to commit to the following:

  1. Be prayerful and open for growth.
  2. Be patient with yourself, with us, and with God.
  3. Be expectant, but also trust the process of ongoing transformation.
  4. Be willing to work with the Holy Spirit and with us to move toward all God has for you.
  5. Invest financially in your healing journey.

“I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.”

—Isaiah 45:3

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