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  1. Trena Clark
    Trena Clark says:

    Oh how this blessed me as the tears are running down my face. My oldest son,who is now 18 and will be leaving in a few short weeks to go to college, has been giving me a challenge to let go! I want to advise him and guide him and keep him from falling. But thank you because now I have to accept that his steps have been ordered by God and I can’t change that at all. Blessings to you and you son!

    • Juliet Sharrow
      Juliet Sharrow says:

      So glad this blessed you! I love how God uses our pain and the lessons we learn to help others, when we are willing to be transparent! May God bless you and your son as he heads to college and begins the next phase of his life…with God as his coach!

  2. Denise
    Denise says:

    I think that this would make an excellent study in a group with Moms of young children. It is SO important to apply this in the early years. “And then He showed me what I had been incapable of seeing. I saw how I had always protected my son, fighting his battles and picking up the pieces for him . Then I saw the consequences of my help. I kept interfering with what the Lord was trying to do in him. The Lord could not get to him because I kept standing in the way!”


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